Change is often challenging unless we embrace it’s potential rather than fear it. Life is getting more and more busy. Stress levels are on the rise and we seem to forget simple acts of kindness. How do we change that? Obviously, we have to work to put a roof over our heads and feed ourselves and family. Often that leaves little time for anything or anyone else.    Being aware of those around us and taking time to connect to people, no matter how busy we are offered a pathway to community. We need our community to anchor us in the now, to help us grow and change and to be a safe place when life is difficult.    Changing one thing that opens doors makes aa tremendous difference. I found smiling at people or saying a greeting as I passed gave me a sense of connection. Most people replied too which meant I had been heard and they felt seen.   Such a little change and now I recognize people and am recognized in return.   Are you?