Aspiration or Goal?

In February, John spoke about worthiness. And he spoke about aspiration, from the perspective of how aspiration can help us to understand how worthy we feel, or don’t feel about ourselves.

It was an interesting perspective.
What really fascinated me was how he spoke about the fact that aspiration isn’t a plan. It’s a light that guides an individual.

That sentence to me was very profound. Because often we aspire to something. And then we make it a goal. We look at the steps we have to do to achieve it, and we lose sight of the light within what we were aspiring to, that was drawing us forward. The light that’s drawing us forward, is the intuition. And when we listen to our intuition, then that sense of inner peace becomes stronger.

Over the Christmas period, and the beginning of 2022. Tony and I didn’t feel the same sense of connection to our intuition. Gradually that’s returned. It was missing for a reason. If you do not feel connected to your intuition, ask yourself are your aspirations, mental, or spiritual? If what you’re focused on as an aspiration is actually mental (a thought or a plan), you’re not going to feel the connection of your intuition helping you with it.

Because it’s not an aspiration