Being a positive force in the world

November blog being a positive force in the worldFrom a spiritual perspective, when we set an intent to do something, we send energy out into the universe, and that energy will follow its course and come back to us when it’s completed itself.

So, for many of us, doing it once is quite sufficient. For others, there’s a belief that we have to do it every day, sometimes every 20 minutes to be certain that what we’re doing is going to achieve its purpose. If you have a rhythm if you have a path to follow, then you don’t need to worry and you won’t worry about how effective you are because the path and the rhythm will carry you through.

If you have a rhythm, then when life is challenging, either for you, for somebody, you know, or in the world, you have a path that you will tread – whether that’s for five minutes, five hours matters not –  that in treading that path, you will feel you’ve contributed.

If you don’t have a rhythm, you’ll do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and a little bit of something else. And you’ll hope that that’s enough. You won’t necessarily have the confidence to believe that it’s enough.