My focus is on how we can redesign so no-one feels disenfranchised. Kindness and collaboration are the key. How can we change by focusing on what inspires us, what helps us to aspire to be more to each other, and more to our community? Nobody ever likes being told what they’re doing wrong. The more we can focus on the things that inspire and connect us to each other, the more that energy will feed itself.   

If you had the power to redesign your world what would it look like? Would you live where you live now? Would you do the things you do? Are you involved in your community? If we know we need to change things then being connected to others gives us greater ability to make changes. Being isolated stops that. Lockdown stops physical connection. It doesn’t stop us reaching out to others and building connections, sharing ideas or simply being there. How will this become an impetus for redesigning your life?