Over the past few months, we’ve covered quite a lot of topics. We’ve talked about relationships, realising our potential, which is the relationship with ourselves, using our intuition. We’ve talked about one of the stepping stones taking us to where we want to go, and are we a role model? Do we have a role model?    

Out of that I looked at the news and how much of it is doom and gloom. However I began to search for inspiring news, generous acts and simple kindnesses. I found I really had to look hard to do so. Not because there are so few but because our media places them at the bottom of the list. Apparently we don’t want to feel inspired, happy or engaged with others.  

We decided that we might offer something next year to see if people are open to good news. We’d create a type of channel where we can offer inspirational items, happy events or thoughtful articles. The idea is that as we share, we invite others to contribute . It might not work. We might find that no-one is interested if there’s no drama.   

Anyone interested in participating let us know.