Do you have a spiritual plan?
Do you feel planning spiritually is more the mental body?
Is your spiritual path clearly lit?

I often hear people tell me that they go where Spirit sends them. Tony and I are a case in point. We were asked to move to New Zealand and we did! Does tht mean we do not have a spiritual plan? Not at all. How can we collaborate with Spirit if we have no idea what we came to do or how Spirit intends to work through us? Just like the garden we need guidelines for our growth and sharing.

Having a spiritual plan is about being clear about who we are, accepting that and how to share ourselves with others. It’s about being discriminating about the people we enjoy in our lives and letting go of those who hold us back. It’s about seeing the illusions that the media throw up at us each day – or that our emotional body plays out to keep us small. When we have a spiritual plan it contains ideas to be more community centred, live a simpler and more open hearted life.

Above all it’s about living harmlessly with kindness and consideration. That comes easily to some and others have to work at it. No matter which it is for you, if your plan includes one act of kindness each day to an acquaintance or a stranger then your plan is spiritually motivated. If your plan is about what you want to acquire, how to make more and live well, then you are certainly planning. Nevertheless without the piece of kindness to others it is not spiritually motivated.

We live in a world community and we can only improve it by being open hearted to each other.