This one is very easy to fall into. There are times when we all compare ourselves badly to another. We feel insufficient or inadequate to a task or role and look at others to see how they’re coping. However, we tend to look at those who have been doing this for some time or have already been thoroughly trained in whatever this is. That is when comparisons are really odious because we are setting ourselves up for failure.

When others compare us unfavourably, that deepens the issue as it appears to confirm how much less we are. Remember that people reflect to us our hidden self-judgments. Once we stop judging or comparing ourselves to others, so will they or they move away to make room for those who appreciate us. Try comparing yourself to yourself. Once per week, look at who you were when…. That “when” might be 10 years ago or last week. It matters not. You are looking to see how you have changed and even a shift of only 1 degree has an enormous impact as it continues within us.

Look at how far you have come and celebrate your growth.