The final piece for this month is about creating magical truths, and I want to talk about it, because so many people are feeling a lack of magic at the moment because of the trouble we have globally.  

We have corona virus. We have economic challenges. We have fear and scaremongering. 

If we’re to move forward with our potential, we have to stop listening to the scaremongering of others, and start listening to the promptings of our soul. 

Our soul knows what our journey is, knows what our capability is and is always standing ready to help us. So creating magical truths for ourselves is about looking at the events in our world as outside of ourselves. And looking at the potential within, that we can call upon to take us beyond global events into fully realising who we are, the magical truths that we need to create, other truths about who we are, not what we’re afraid of.  

So where do we begin?  

First of all, we begin with the fact that we are magical ourselves.  For us to be able, in the first two years of life, to learn to navigate our world, to walk, to talk, to feed ourselves, is magical in itself, and shows the capacity, we have within us for a tiny child to master so much in such a small period of time. That’s who we are. If we can do that before we’re two years of age, then the older we become, the more we’re capable of.  

People talk about sovereignty, without understanding what it means. Sovereignty isn’t about claiming some special place we hold in the world. Sovereignty is about taking responsibility for who we are, and the impact our actions have on others. And to be truly magical requires us to add that second piece, and the impact our actions have on others as a priority.  

Magical truths, tell us what we’re capable of.  

But more importantly, they remind us of who we are. Those magical truths come from our potential. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. In spite of all the challenges that are occurring in the world we’re still surviving, and in many cases, thriving. The more that we can collaborate, the better.   

And I suspect one of the biggest problems is the fact that we’ve become so global that we’ve lost our own national sovereignty and that’s not about patriotism. That’s about the ability of a nation to take care of its people, to feed those people, to clothe them, to educate them. When our focus is so much on outside, in this case global, that we forget what is occurring within, (in this case national), we’re not in balance, and harmony and our magical truth is lost.   

Each people, each country, has something specifically special about it. What is it that’s special about you? What is it that’s special about your nation? What is that magical truth, that is your collaboration with the world? So this week, I want you to ask yourself, preferably in meditation, what your magical truths are?  

Begin to write them, begin to explore them, begin to listen. 

And let’s see where next month takes us.