Did you step up or step out this year? 

As we step into October, the clocks change and we adjust to a new rhythm. We do this easily twice each year although we may have a few grumbles about the initial transition. We do it to help the farmers and growers produce more effectively so that we have lots of food and variety all year round. And it serves the whole.  

When we saw the benefit and stepped up to the plate, life developed a rhythm that worked well most of the time. Our lives were healthier because we lived in balance with the natural order. We accepted times of less and enjoyed times of plenty. We learned to harvest our resources and use them wisely and well, not wastefully.  

However, we became greedy and wanted what we wanted all year round and we lost both the rhythm and the balance. We began to destroy our environment for bigger and better crops, bigger and better housing. We forgot the indigenous way of life of living in harmony with both the seasons and the land. How could we redress this and return to balance again?  

We have been given an opportunity to address our loss of balance by the pandemic and the added restrictions placed on our lives, which prevented us moving around as freely as we wished.