How do I know when it’s my intuition leading me along the path or my mind?

How can I be confident that I’m following my guidance and not my mental body?

These are a couple of questions I am often asked that seem to be causing worry. Of course the simple answer is that you’ll only know that by listening, acting and evaluating. When we’re developing our intuition with regard to purpose or anything that’s of a more spiritual nature, the more we practise, the more we allow, the more effective we become. It’s kind of like learning to drive a car. You don;t get into a car – at least I hope you don;t et into a car! – switch on the engine and start to drive without at least learning the basics sufficiently well that you can trust yourself to drive and to take the vehicle, and for it to take you, safely where you want to go. When our mind is controlling we have strong structures and rules to move through. When our intuition is in control it is more fluid.

It’s the same with following intuition. I suggest to my clients to do a simple exercise at the beginning tof the day, You ask a question that is in the moment. What I mean is that you ask something about the coming day’s energy. Phrase the question so you get yes or no answer. Make it something simple and measurable. Shall I turn go out for lunch? Will the traffic be heavy? Will it rain? IT is very important when you are beginning that you work with things that are simple and measurable as this builds your confidence.

At the beginning, it’s always good to begin with yes/no questions and then when you are feeling more confident go on to more complicated ones. Don;t ask something complex if you are not certain you are connecting to your intuition. Secondly, before you actually ask, sit and take a moment to sit and feel yourself align. This is a great time to focus on your breath and allow it to become slower and deeper. Simply close your eyes become aware of your energy and breathe. When you feel your energy has settled and you are in a beautiful quiet space, at that point ask your question.

Often at the beginning we either hear nothing or something so cryptic it makes no sense. When I began, I sat for 20 minutes each day for 6 months and there was only silence. I persevered and finally the connection was made after I stopped asking if I was doing it wrong! I felt the connection. I heard nothing. Most of us don’t hear a separate voice answering. We simply become aware of the the answer being obvious or clear.

Be aware that working with your intuition requires you to be patient!

Once you’ve sat and allowed you may get a feeling that it’s a yes or no. You make get nothing but as you go about your day something will occur that will give you a clear signal one way or the other. Once you have that, say thank you and move on. At the end of the day take a few moments, think about your question and review not just if you received an answer but how you did so. The how will tell you how you and your intuition are collaborating at this stage.

Some of you have been doing this for a long time and so may automatically assume it’s your intuition. Here are a couple of things to help you to know if it’s your head:

If what you are given is a “must’, ‘should’ or ‘ought’ action it’s not your intuition.The intuition shows you possibilities and consequences. It does not command. If your question is yes or no it will simply give you yes or no; nothing more. Also your intuition will never tell you that someone else has to do something to make what you want achievable. Your intuition will tell you what you need to do or what you need to know. It will not ask you to tell someone else for you. That’s your head.

I hope these pointers help because it’s one of the most troubling things for so many people. Yet when you relax, keep it simple and practise, you’ll be amazed at the outcomes you receive.