Meditation is considered the most effective way to achieve self love and acceptance. When I first began this journey, I sat for 20 minutes every day, at the same time, as I believed that was the way. Each time I sat, and nothing happened, I felt more of a failure.

Was I not good enough to speak to my soul or Higher Self? Was I missing something? Did I not qualify to join the inner circle and learn its secrets?

I read so many spiritual books at that time and they all spoke about meditation as if it was like picking a book from a shelf. It took 6 months of sitting daily before I finally connected. I was cranky at nothing happening and I simply sat and said that if nothing happened that day I was never coming back. Not the best way to start a relationship with our soul!

Suddenly I felt I was not alone. I felt as if I was enveloped in a beautifully soft blanket. I heard the words “All is well”. I cried at the sense of love and homecoming I felt. And then it was over.

My journey had begun and it in no way matched the expectations I’d had about how that would occur. Patience is one of the first things I learned – and to let go of how it should happen.

How did your journey begin?