Were in the midst of a pandemic, people are struggling financially, we have riots, we have marches about BLM, the planet is warming with some places in drought and others in flood. Not exactly the happiest year and yet it is a perfect opportunity to look at who we are and where we are going. In particular it offers us a reality check where our relationships are concerned.  

We have a choice. We can either sit and wring our hands in dismay or we can choose to look at our lives and make different choices. One of the biggest issues in our world at present is relationships. How we see our relationship with self, with loved ones, with money, with business partners.   

If we look at these areas with the eyes of blame then nothing will change since we are not taking responsibility we are casting blame. So how do we flow?  

We stop blaming ourselves for what is happening. We stop blaming others. We stop judging because this is about the journey not an outcome. We don’t know how things will develop. We only know what we can create if we take a look and begin making choices for change. 

How kind are you being to you?