What is purpose to you?
What are you actually focussing on?
How often do you focus on your purpose?

June last year, I offered 3 tips to check if you are on purpose. In this article, I’m offering another look at what we mean and how we interpret this. Recently in a Facebook live I spoke about aligning for success. I didn’t explain what I meant by success. The questions around it were excellent and it was fascinating to see how differently we all think and interpret, which set me wondering. When I speak of purpose I mean the core knowing we have about why we are here and what we feel passionate about being involved in.

When we are focussed on that and not on how well it will earn us a living, then we are focussed on our purpose. Of course we need to take care of our physical needs. If that is the focus then we are focussed on matter and not on Spirit. When we work through our limitations and build our strengths then we are focussed on our purpose. After all, limitation blocks our journey so best to exchange it for our strength, surely? Looking at what we can do and how we can do more of it builds us up and helps us to be there for others in the process.

It surprises me how often people tell me they are working spiritually and when I ask about their purpose, they have no idea what it is. Being all we can be is our purpose. The path we follow to be that is how we fulfill it. Getting to know and accept yourself makes your purpose and how you achieve it so much easier.

What’s your focus?