The past two weeks have been about Air and how we can connect with the elementals to assist our thoughts and ideas. We offered a meditation in 2 parts because often the mind will distract us with criticism of something so that we do not go deeper. Music or no music is a good example. In fact in meditation you actually lose track of the guiding voice because you are connected to the energy.I also talked about the difference between observing and criticizing.

We have a choice. We can see the issues that are there for us to deal with and look at the gifts within them – or we can sit and complain or criticize ourselves, our life, our world and Spirit.

In this article I have included an image of the bridge in Dinan, Brittany. We crossed this bridge many times, whilst there on retreat. It represents for me how to be positive in a challenging world. The bridge floating above the rocks and trees, is an example of how we can float above the challenges, if we choose, by focussing on the direction in which we are moving. The supports for the bridge are those built from our willingness to look beneath the surface of issues to understand why they are there and learn from them. If not, we simply suppress or avoid them and learn nothing. They lift us out of the hole we might fall into and help us keep moving. The trees are an indication in this respect of how tall challenges become if left untended.

However, if we do our gardening, connect to the elementals and built strong supports for self, we then become the means for others to find their own direction. That is service.

How do you choose to be positive?