Do you ever stop and look at how far you have come?
Do you give yourself credit for the things you learn and master?
Or do you take yourself for granted?

If you were to take a few moments and look back at yourself 5 years ago, at what you were doing then and how you felt, I am pretty certain that you would be surprised at how much things have shifted and changed for you. If you were to then look at 2 years ago, there would still be changes. We learn and grow daily and often fail to give ourselves credit for it and our ability to adapt.

Do you like the limelight? Do you enjoy being at the head of the queue? Are you someone who loves taking care of others? Are you a maths wizard? All of these indicate who you are and help in identifying your purpose and calling. Taking stock like this can alleviate doubt and confusion – and help you move into 2017 feeling strong in your sense of self and confident of your role.

Do you struggle to make yourself understood? Feel you are talking a foreign language? This might not be the problem it seems. When how we feel about ourselves isn’t in alignment with how we think about ourselves it affects our ability to be understood by others.

So, take a few minutes now to take stock of your growth. Acknowledging where and how you have shifted, what you have learned, changes our self image. Once you are clear about how you have changed you can then consider what you want to achieve daily. It will surprise you how effective this simple technique is for clearing the path.