Three years ago, Tony and I were living in Hong Kong. I looked out of the apartment office window one day and saw something that made me reach for my camera. I took this image because I could not believe my eyes!
If you look closely you will see a man hanging out of a window, standing on a ledge. He is holding the window frame. No, he is not about to jump. He is about to install an air conditioning unit and he is not wearing a safety harness at this point. I might add he was 34 floors up! Whilst I don’t recommend doing things this way, he is a great example of someone who believed in himself enough to climb out of the window and test the ledge first.

If you had to go out on a limb a little, wearing a safety harness of course, would you do so? Would you take a step out onto a ledge that might not be very large or comfortable? Do you believe in yourself enough to do so. If so, this is the year to take that step.

Why? The ledge is your purpose. You have the safety harness – it’s your guidance. Only when you step onto the ledge can you see that it actually goes somewhere. Only when you trust and believe in yourself to step out can your guidance help you to achieve all you came to do.

If you are not in the game then, no matter how great your intuition is, it cannot take the step for you and your purpose cannot be fulfilled.

Are you ready to step fully into the game?