Inspiration and Prompting

If we’re inspired, we can become an inspiration for others just by being who we are or by saying the right thing at the right time for that person’s journey. If we’re not inspired, if for some reason we don’t feel that there is that inner dialogue occurring that allows that inspiration, look at what you’re prompted to do during the day.

So, you sit in meditation, you may not feel that you’re inspired to do anything in particular, but as you go about during your day, start to pay attention to the things that you’re prompted to do that you wouldn’t have thought of at the beginning of the day. Because when we’re prompted, that’s inspiration also.

And is that prompting coming from your emotional body or is that prompting coming from your Soul? The more that we know where it’s coming from, the more we understand the source, the more effectively we can work with it.

You know for me, inspiration is fun. It’s fun because I never know what I’m going to be prompted to do next.  And so, a side benefit of inspiration is that it teaches us two things; patience, because sometimes we’re not being inspired in the ways that we think we should be, but it also teaches us spontaneity. Because if we act on what we’re being inspired to do in the moment we may have to step outside of this beautiful plan that we’ve got for the day that doesn’t necessarily have space for inspiration. And when we do, the energy of the rest of the day flows even more effectively.

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