Inspiration as it moves us forward

Welcome to 2024 and we’re going to continue by looking at inspiration as it moves us forward on our journey. We’ve talked about inspiration from a couple of different perspectives. However, if we are Soul-inspired, then it’s not about being fatalistic. If we’re Soul-inspired, it’s about being open to the inspiration that’s knocking on our heart and then it’s about setting an intent. Because if we don’t set an intent, then the inspiration runs out of legs, and nothing can be accomplished.

Inspiration triggers something energetically within us that is usually connected to our purpose even if it’s not always obvious. And without setting an intent based on that inspiration, the opportunity to fulfill our purpose falls away.

There’s a reason why there’s a saying that says the road to hell is paved with good intentions because an intention isn’t an intent. We may set an intention to do something but usually that’s emotional body and often having an intention to do something, we’re kind of waiting  for somebody to come along and do it for us or tell us how to do it or tell us when to do it.

So, an intention is half hearted. And inspiration comes from an open heart and a full heart.

So, if we’re inspired in this year to achieve something or to do something that’s beneficial for ourselves and those around us, if we don’t set an intent, we’re going to make it hard for ourselves to follow through with that inspiration. And setting an intent isn’t telling us what we have to do. Setting an intent is looking at what’s the first next step based on the inspiration that we can take that brings that inspiration closer to reality.

This is not about New Year’s resolutions because they’re intentions. This is about being clear and in that clarity making choices that take our inspiration from wouldn’t it be nice to experiencing the fullness of it.

Where do your inspirational intents take you?

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