Is this you? Do you block yourself without even recognizing it?
I often hear statements such as, “If I only knew my purpose I could live it” or “I wish there was an easy way to be certain I am living my purpose”.
The fact is that this is an illusion. Basically we begin to live our purpose from the day we are born. We just don’t realize it.

Here’s a quick way to start the process of recognition moving. Take a few moments to think about how you interact with your family and friends. What type of things do you find yourself doing most often with them or for them? Make a list of a few people you interact with the most and then list the things you do for them. As you list the things you do most often you will see a pattern emerging. Now widen the area. How do you interact instinctively with others such as acquaintances or colleagues? Again make a list.

Gradually you will begin to see a pattern emerging and often it is surprising to see how we relate to those around us and the things we intuitively do that are so automatic that we do not see the relevance. If you have a recurring pattern of behaviour then this is connected to your purpose. Why not try this and explore what it is showing you.