As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. It’s a great reminder that no matter how challenging life can be, there is always a gift we can take from it.
Trying to find or live our purpose, can often seem as if we are being handed lemons. We struggle along, trying so hard to be clear about what our purpose is, or trying to live a purpose others may see so clearly for us.
Any yet really it’s all about following the promptings of our heart. Our heart knows our purpose even when our mind is unclear. If we follow our heart then through the challenges we find opportunities to learn and grow.

Last month we looked at the challenges around purpose. This month let’s focus on how those challenges can become a friend on our journey. How can we turn them around?

My challenge has been to find wider avenues to help more people on their path. What challenge did you work through that has helped you to grow?