Do you allow Aether to prompt you? Aether, or our connection to our intuition, is essential if we are to find pathways that can work to build a strong community. As each side disagrees, finds it impossible or refuses to engage in serious communication, attitudes harden, and our intuition is silenced. We stop listening to each other and simply react to it all.

Talking about our fears, being heard, being willing to listen to others and being openminded to all points of view enables collaboration. Allowing our intuition, our own inner voice, to speak to us and be heard, means that we will look for solutions, not impositions.

If, after all that, we find ourselves on differing paths then respect the viewpoint of each other and look for common ground to build on. We cannot find a middle way if we all stand on the outer edge of a path.

For more info, see our article on Working with Aether