OpportunityThe opportunity that comes from challenge helps us to be present. Sometimes we’re so used to doing what we’ve always done, that we don’t realise we’ve fallen asleep, that we’ve become a creature of habit. And we don’t question anymore. When something such as the pandemic affects our lives, it causes us to question things. Can we cope? Will we survive this? There are a lot of questions that suddenly pop into our head. They might always have been there in one form or another but now they are front and centre.

Here is an opportunity to take stock of our lives. Are we living the life we want or the life we believe we must live? What opportunities have occurred for you? Because when we’re challenged, it offers opportunities to learn and to grow by considering things, perhaps from a different perspective.

Clarity is about being willing to see our opportunities, not just for ourselves, but also for our community. If you look at what occurred for you over the last 18 months, what opportunities presented for you that enabled you to look at yourself through a different lens, what might you see? To see your gifts and abilities, perhaps from a different angle?

Opportunity is something that says forget what you know and look at what’s possible. Did you look at what’s possible? Or consider the opportunities? In considering the opportunities did you go one step further to see how those opportunities might help your community to learn and to grow? Because one of the greatest opportunities out of this whole situation has been the ability to learn to collaborate with each other. Where are your opportunities? Have you taken advantage of them? And if you haven’t, are there places that you can still look for opportunities to grow within yourself?

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