Can you recognise when to let go? If something has served its purpose, can you look at ways to either transform it into something else or move it to another level?  In both cases, it requires certain skills. This group are more focused on completing things fully and cleanly, letting go and moving on to the next stage or step.

So, if you’re a communicator archetype, then you will always be thinking about what’s next. What can be? Where can this be taken? How can this be developed? What’s the next possibility? You’ll have looked at what’s occurred in 2020, and 2021. And you’ll be looking at where can we take things, now that things are opening. What can we do with it?

As the accumulator archetype you’ll weigh up how the energy has been used, and how much has been misused. They’ll be looking at where there’s waste and how they can reduce that. How they can balance the books in a healthier manner. What is required to meet targets and the most economical way to do so.

If you’re an explorer, on the other hand, you’ll say that since everything’s opening up in the world, let’s go explore what’s possible. To go out there and see what can be done, where we can go and how we can make this work so that everybody has a good time.

Finally if one of your archetypes is the healer you’ll be looking to mend fences. This is somebody who can look at a situation, see what the wounding is, and how that can be transformed from a wound into a benefit. How can it stop being a wound and start being a blessing? If you’re this type of person, you will definitely be working on creating a bridge going forward. Recognising when something has served its purpose This isn’t only the typical healer.