Are you letting go with thanks?
​Do you refuse to let go at all?
Can you simply move on without recognition or integration?

It seems there are quite a few of us who have moved house, job or country in the pst few months. When we do we sort through our possessions for what we choose to keep and what to pass to someone else or totally discard. How many did the same with pieces within. We all hold onto stories of the past, since we feel they define us. They help us to feel connected or engaged or involved.

However, is that so or do some of those stories actually hold us back because we don’t look deeper to see what they are actually teaching us? When we can look at all our experiences and value them equally, especially the ones we don’t like or feel comfortable about, then we can learn from them and clear our decks. If we don’t then whatever upset us in the old will do so in the new. Clearing the decks is about freeing ourselves to have more experience and joy in life. Holding on to old pieces takes up valuable space that we could use for fun and relaxation.

Coming to the end of the year offers a great opportunity to revisit the year and its events. Make a list of the things that brought you joy and say thank you. Then make a list of the things that caused you pain or distress. Beside each item write what you learned about yourself (then or now) from that experience. As you do so, give thanks for the opportunity presented and consider how you might have learnt it differently. Give thanks for the learning and then let it all go. Imagine putting the painful lessons into a pink balloon, such as in this image and let go, watching it float away taking all the old energy with it.

Now you have space within for more adventures and you have inner wisdom from the past to help you use that space wisely.