Do you respond in the moment or is your life carefully crafted and controlled?
Have you created a bucket list for “whenever”?
Are you spontaneously creating all you wish to experience in the now ?

Looking back over our life, I realized that the events which had the most impact and brought the greatest learning occurred when we said yes in the moment . In fact, the things we took time to plan and ponder either disappeared or were a complete loss. My Dad talked about visiting the Grand Canyon when he retired. He never made it because he never retired. He died at 56 years of age. Interestingly he once told me that it’s the things we don’t do in life that we regret the most. I’ve lived with the focus of never having regrets. Not all things work out well and often we feel overwhelmed by life. I can honestly say that I regret nothing to date and have enjoyed much that was not on my radar at all.

Being in the moment is about being connected to your guidance and not second guessing yourself. It’s about listening to Spirit and saying yes, knowing you will be protected and assisted all the way. Most of all, it’s about being willing to have fun and be spontaneous – though not stupid about it. As we head into the holiday period how much will you enjoy and how much will be planned to the last minute so as not to get things wrong?

Look at the hands on the image. How much of the words on the hands part of your life?