One of the worst ways to sustain an outdated mindset is to make assumptions. If we are to create something new, then we need to stop thinking in the old way – and assumptions are the old way. Assumptions are based on our experiences from the past.  

Moving forward in a new way asks us to look at things with an idea of a different outcome. How could I do things differently – or think differently? For example, we are waiting for “them” to fix our climate issues. In fact, we are part of “them”!  

This pandemic is asking us to look at things differently. It’s asking us to change our assumptions into expectations – of ourselves and each other. In place of judgement why not expect that we now have an opportunity to recreate the life we want, not the one we believe we have to have?  

We could expect our suppliers to cut down on their packaging.  What expectations might we have of how to gain the most from every item we purchase? Do we expect others to take responsibility for our corner of the world – or can we do so?  

Reaching out to neighbours, sharing where possible, means that we have less need to consume so much. Isn’t it interesting that because we aren’t using our cars oil has dropped in price? We are no longer paying that price so what others might we stop paying too? In one action we solve two problems. What other ways can you expect to find if you only look?