Do you speak with Spirit daily?
Are you fully attuned to your guidance?
Is meditation the best habit you have?

We have been talking about habits and how to work with them effectively and yet one of the best habits we can develop is that of talking to Spirit and our guides regularly. When we begin our spiritual journey we are full of good intentions. There is a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Whilst intentions are good, setting an intent is more effective. An intention is something we hope to achieve. An intent is a determination to do so.

I see meditation as a habit not a tool for growth. If we connect regularly and well through our heart and not our emotional body then gradually we realize that we are constantly in a state of meditation even while going about our day to day tasks.
How important is your journey? Important enough to stop and talk to your guides? The image here is of Huka Falls, NZ. It is a place of great beauty and very peaceful. Yet the water thunders through the landscape to fall off the edge on its way downstream. When we meditate we are like the land in the image. Still and peaceful no matter the power of the energy moving through or around us. The land is unaffected because it is totally connected to what it is and not distracted by other external effects.

Meditation creates that within us.