If you truly find it challenging to be still, then stop making yourself do so. There are other ways that are equally effective if you simply approach things as if you’re exploring.

Getting it right gets us into so much trouble where our intuition is concerned. The intuition is not about right or wrong as these are mental constructs. The intuition is about the energy of what we are doing, the significance of how it operates and the alignment we have within.

One of the best tools is the imagination. If you find a guided meditation that you like but which you find difficult to do, then simply sit and imagine yourself doing it. The more you allow your imagination to play, the more you’ll feel a sense of things changing. This is not meditation. However, you are creating a meditative technique that might work for you.

Day dreaming is another way. It works even more strongly if you’re in nature since the energy is quieter and calmer. Simply play with ‘what if’.

What if I loved myself? How might that look? What if I had the job or my dreams. What would it be?

If meditation challenges you, then try one of these and let us know how you get on.