Are you good at observing yourself?
Do you criticize instead?
Are you easily distracted?

How often do you take a look at yourself without judgment to see how you are progressing? I don’t mean taking time out to say how gorgeous you are, though that can be a good thing. How often do you look at how much you are learning, shifting, growing or changing? When you do so, is it from the perspective of what is still to achieve or what is still lacking?

I’m often asked how we tell the difference since criticism can be constructive. Indeed it can! And yet, how often is it the opposite? As a child, I was taught that if you cannot say something nice about someone then say nothing. Whilst that is a good tenet to live by, sometimes we are asked for our thoughts or criticisms. If we don’t have something constructive it can be difficult to say anything.

If you are good at self criticism then you’ll use the same energy with others. When we learn how to observe who we are and our actions from a place of kindness, it changes everything. In the meditation I offered last week, I asked you to look at your judgments. To ask yourself why they are there and how they developed. I hope this helped you to see areas of potential growth?

I also asked how you see yourself as opposed to how you would like to see yourself. This is the difference between your judgment and your aspiration. One drops you into a hole. The other helps you float on air. The elementals in nature are attracted to light, lightheartedness and people sharing light. When you’re easily distracted you’re not in any of these spaces. You are simply not content where you are and the distractions help you to avoid looking at what is wrong and how to correct it.

How aligned are you with your highest vision of yourself?