I hear so often that meditation is hard, and I can empathise.

It’s not the meditation that is hard. It’s getting past the hidden mindsets and beliefs about what it should look like, how you’ll meet your guide and how they’ll be having a party that you’re there.

I once had a client who told me that she was ushered into a great hall where all the Masters were waiting to meet her. That she was led to a throne and then they bowed to her.

Meditation? Expectation? Illusion? This was simply an indication of how little she loved herself and how desperately she wanted confirmation that she was important somewhere.

Spirit supplied it by using her own hopes and dreams to show her the issue.

Did you have experiences that seemed like this? If you dismissed them then you missed how you were being shown something based on your own expectations.

What I learned was that if I was patient, stopped expecting how it could be and simply allowed myself to feel the energy, all would be well.

Did you see the learning for your journey at the beginning?