Having realized, and imagined, the next step with regard to our potential is to plan, is to actually look at actions we can take, things we can organize, that will enable us to step into the potential that we’ve recognized and try it on as though it’s a garment.  

By planning and organizing, we start to feel the energy of that potential. And in doing so, it may be, it doesn’t feel comfortable. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, good, because it means it’s asking you to stretch, and to grow.  

If that discomfort begins to feel difficult and too challengingI would suggest that you’ve gone a step beyond where you’re ready to go, and that there is another piece of your potential for you to discover first.  

If it doesn’t feel uncomfortable but it does feel a bit of a challenge, you’ve got a bit of uncertainty, great. 

Because that means that you are stretching to be a little bit more than you thought you were. So, take some time and plan how that might work for you. And if you get stuck, go back to recognizing how you felt when you realized that potential.  

And then, how it felt to imagine where that potential might take you. It’s not a race. It’s not an examination. It’s an exploration and an opportunity. Enjoy.