The whole purpose of these last few months has been because sitting in the middle of a pandemic, of a general election in New Zealand, watching the election in America, the events globally, our world has changed dramatically since this time last year. None of us anticipated it. I don’t think anybody could have imagined the impact a virus would have on bringing everything to a screeching halt. And yet, what it’s done is it’s given us the opportunity, first of all, to clean out our world. There’s still a long way to go, there’s still a lot to do that because of everything that’s occurred, how we’ve been accustomed to living, isn’t quite the same anymore. And my feeling is, it’s never going to be the way that it used to be.   

Part of me is sad for things that won’t return. The biggest part of me is excited that we have an opportunity to realign. To realign within ourselves, yes, but to realign to our world, and what kind of world we want to create. What is it that you’re looking for, that you feel would bring your world that you would be happy to live in, not just at a personal level, but at a community level.