Shining Our Light

This month we’re talking about Shining our Light. We’ve climbed the mountain; we’ve had a look at the view. What do we do next? Do we sit at the top of the mountain contemplating our navel and the scenery below us thinking how lucky we are that we’ve arrived at where we have? Or do we use what we’ve learned to be in Service to others? There’s no right or wrong answer. Either way, we are in Service.

If we sit at the top of the mountain and we shine our Light from that point, then we can be a beacon for others to follow.

If we sit on top of the mountain shining our Light contemplating how humanity can go forward, we’re shining our Light.

If we decide to retrace our steps down the mountain, as John has spoken of, and go back to the valley to share our experiences personally, we’re shining our Light.

And if we do nothing, we’re shining our Light.

Because the Light within us isn’t conditional upon what we do. The strength of our Light is simply a reflection of the degree of connection we have to All That Is.

It’s very easy to judge people, to believe that because they’re not doing this, that or something else that’s obvious, they’re not spiritual. And it’s not true. And sometimes even the most spiritually connected people can go through periods where they find it difficult to consciously shine a Light, to consciously do what they’ve always done, simply because the period they’re moving through is taking all of their energy and focus to move through it. Does that make them selfish? No. It means that they’re committed to walking their path and to meeting the challenges that they face along the way.

So, if you were to look at how your Light shines, how would you define it and would you acknowledge it or would you judge it?