The energy of 2019 was challenging both at a personal and global level. All manner of things that had been floating in the background came to the front to be seen and for action to be taken. Some of that action was beneficial and some was not. However, the energy moved as it was intended to do to clear the way for 2020 and the energy of the new decade. On a personal level we were asked to look at what did and didn’t serve us. For some that was challenging or tiring or not enough time. In other words they didn’t want to do the work to be able to step forward. For others they dug deep – perhaps even a little too deep – to clear the decks. If you looked at who you are, how you  wish to be and where you are heading then that one action shifted your frequency to allow those people and things that don’t matter to separate and move away. You cleared the space you need for new growth and aligned to the energy. What did you clear away in 2019 to be able to step forward into this new decade?