Stepping from blame to community

stepping out of blameWe often underestimate the positive power of negative emotions to get us moving. We tend to deny or hide anything that is negative because we’re afraid to be seen negatively. However, Shock, fear, anger, guilt, grief and denial can serve us well if we work with them.

Over the past couple of months I’ve commented on Stress, insecurity, aspiration and fear as being enablers of action if we change our perspective. We are now 6 months into the Russia/ Ukraine fighting. When it began it seemed that Russia would quickly win. And yet…..

We saw a country outnumbered and therefore quick to fall. The Ukrainians saw a threat to their way of life and refused to surrender. So far their perspective is working for them. Part of that is anger at Russia and within the anger is grief. Part of that is also that they did not believe it would occur. It was unthinkable.

How often do we only act when it seems that we have no choice. When we are angry enough, or frightened enough, we then step up to the plate. How might our life be if we addressed issues before the unthinkable occurs. Looked at and accepted our anger, fear, grief, denial and guilt and how to address whichever it is. In that situation the judgment is no longer valid as we are now looking at overcoming and building.

We have a perfect opportunity to step away from blame and into rebuilding. Things happen in life and with the results of the pandemic and the fighting our lives are no longer as easy and comfortable as they were. This is a great time to consider how we might rebuild community life and work on helping each other. Many are already doing so. Equally, many are taking from others for themselves.

Where do you stand? What do you wish to be known for?