Last week, we spoke about how do we access our truth, or were we holding illusions about our potential. If you’ve been able to answer that question, clearly, then you’re ready to move forward to developing your potential and living what you can imagine. If you haven’t been able to answer that question clearly, that in itself tells you that there’s an illusion around what you believe your potential to be. And so, in that situation it’s good to go back to last month’s exercise, sit within it and feel it. Perhaps this time by doing so, you might feel slightly off in your understanding of what that potential is, you might feel absolutely certain that you got it right. Of course, the fact that you’ve got it right is in itself an indication that you’re stepping off the path, because it’s not about getting it right, or getting it wrong.   

Okay, so you have done the exercise. All is well. You know you’ve accessed your truth, and you’re ready to power forward, and the next step is to use your imagination. Or, you’ve not got clarity, you’ve gone back and done the exercise, you know that the potential you identified is yours. And yet it still feels off. So again, it’s about using your imagination.   

People talk about the imagination being used when things are going well, to dream, to imagine, to conceive of what is possible. Imagination is a very powerful tool in any circumstance. If you have clarity, then begin to imagine what might develop if you just kept opening up more and more, and more, to your potential. Make notes, write about it, make it real. Stick post it notes around the place to inspire you to keep that energy bubbling along, not excessively, but a quiet confidence and joy.   

If you don’t have the clarity, if you know that there’s something a bit off in how you’re seeing your potential, then ask yourself, if I was seeing it clearly what might I imagine it would look like? And use your imagination to imagine how it could be if you were fully aligned. This is not about criticism. It’s not about getting it wrong or getting it right. It’s about being aligned.  

What might it be if you were aligned to your potential? And just allow your imagination to take flight. Whatever comes into your mind as a consequence, again, write it down. Look at what’s coming up for you, allow some of those things that you imagine, to take you to the next step. See how far you can go and if you go only so far and it stops, then you know that that’s not the path for you. Come back, imagine something else. Just allow yourself to play. Don’t take it so serious that you have to nail it. Allow yourself to play with what’s possible. And where that can take you and how much joy, you will feel as a consequence of that. The more you allow that to happen, the more clearly your potential comes into view.  

So, you have two questions. One is, what might develop if I live my truth? 

If you’re not getting it right, in your mind, you know you’re on the wrong path. So the question there is what might my potential look like if I was aligned to it?  

We’ll talk more on creating magical truths next week.