The desire to prove we’re good enough, capable enough or spiritual enough can cause so much trouble. If we have to prove it then we aren’t!

Spirituality is about inclusiveness. It’s about finding the common ground within us all to build on. When we separate from others to prove ourselves then we are affirming that we are not enough. After all, if we have to prove it then we are doubting it within.

Separation is one of the most spiritually insidious and corrosive energies. It stems from a belief in right and wrong. I’m right, you’re wrong. It leads to unkindness and ultimately to fanaticism. And yet it often wears such a gentle and reasonable face.

And the point is this. Spirit does not separate from us or differentiate between who is “good” or “bad”. In Spirit we are all equal. When we look to own who we are and focus on our service then we’re allowing that we’re not perfect and are going to step up regardless.

After all, service is about others. Separation is about self. Are you spiritual or are you “spiritual”?