One thing I noticed here in NZ is that we had this under control and life was returning to normal relatively quickly due to people stepping up and pulling together. Not everyone agreed with the new rules, but they did collaborate for the good of the community.  

It appears that many people are convinced that this pandemic is not real and a plot to control us all. Whilst we are all entitled to free speech, have our lives now come down to ‘my rights’ and not ‘our rights.’ Some expected to be allowed to do as they wished in spite of the potential for trouble. It seems to be an attitude of letting Rome burn whilst we fiddle…  

In NZ, we had been united by a common goal. Then the idea of ‘my rights’ began to have more power than ‘our rights’ and people began to step out of the collaboration. People who demand their rights often don’t think about the rights of others they trample in the process. They step out and we all fall. How does that serve the whole?