We’ve looked at meditation, self-support and having a support network in place. However, sometimes it is just about being able to delegate.    The need to be in control often means that we feel we have to do everything ourselves. It’s a sneaky mindset that’s often justified by feeling we’re taking care of others. In fact, we are either wanting to be certain things are done properly (and we’re the only ones who can!) or making ourselves indispensable for fear of not being enough.   Ask yourself this question: If for some reason I cannot continue as I am, will the world end? Or will those I take care of finally have an opportunity to take care of themselves and me?   I learned this years ago when I had a stroke. Suddenly all my organizational ability and caretaking came to a stop. It was one of the most frightening – and beautiful – lessons I’ve learned. Not only did we survive. We thrived!