No matter if you believe in the pandemic or not, the situation now is that we have been made to look at ourselves and our way of life. To see that we have become complacent and entitled. It gave us time to step out of the rush of life and see what else might be possible. How we might live a different, and in some cases, healthier life.  

Suddenly the idea of a community pulling together to step up became something weak and easily manipulated. It became about who is right and who is wrong, rather than working together and sorting it out later. No-one likes restrictions and no government is going to be pressured into making major changes yet and perhaps be seen to be the first to get it wrong for the whole world.  

Surely now is a great time to stop, accept what cannot be changed, and change what can? 

We don’t have to agree with everything in order to be useful to the whole. The time spent protesting will not change anything now. People are dying in fires or floods across the world. What about their rights?  

What could you change in your way of being that realigns you within so that you step up to assist your community?