Well, if you did the reflection last month and have worked through the ideas so far this month you are probably looking at what service to offer now. This is not only for beginners. I go through this process every year. I journal what I have learned, what I have overcome and what new strengths I have found within me. Sometimes I find an old strength operating in a new way. I love it!

For me, life is an adventure. We travel to great places and work with wonderful people, the idea for which came out of exactly this process.

If you are not sure what to offer look at what you have written and ask yourself if there are people who might be interested in all you have learned for yourself this year. Look at how you can incorporate your learning into work you already offer or if this might be a new programme or service. For years I worked with people 1:1 and I love it. Then gradually my work shifted into group programmes, then into virtual teaching and finally into a mixture of both with the addition of retreats. It keeps us busy and we enjoy it.

My point is that if we allow it our work eveolves as we do and with it our service grows.

How can you serve differently now and have fun both exploring how and delivering it?