What's in a smile?

What’s in a smile? And why is smiling so important? When we smile, we exercise the muscles on our face, which can be good, except some people don’t like the laughter lines that form, as a consequence, if we do it too often! Smiling lifts our energy. It connects us – sometimes, to some past memory or to thoughts of some future opportunity. It opens the door for us to feel a sense of self, and to feel joy in that sense of self. When we smile, at a memory, we’re back in the memory. If the memory involves others, then we’re also offering them an opportunity through that smile to connect with us, even if it’s only for a second or two.

We all wear masks of one kind or another. The audio challenge this month is asking you to wear a physical mask, smile at yourself in the mirror and see if you can see your eyes smiling. The more I tried to smile with my eyes, the less successful I was. However, when I stopped and thought about something that amused me, my eyes reflected that.. I’m suggesting that this month we all practice smiling more and frowning less. It’s been said that when we smile, it’s almost impossible to frown because the two are mutually exclusive.

When we focus on what brings us joy then we share that through our smile. However, a fake smile is obvious to everyone and shares nothing with anyone. It lifts no-one. I’m ready to smile deliberately and consciously. To let go of the tension around masks and let go of my own inner masks. Time to let the light and others in and open up to the world once again. How often are you smiling?  Are your smiles genuine? Do they come from your heart?