What's my Worth?

New theme for monthAs we step into 2023, I’d like to start the year with a question that I’d like you all to ask yourselves. And that question is, what’s my worth?  

 I phrased this as a question in this way because what I’m seeing is so many people who value themselves on the surface because of what their possessions say they are. I phrased that differently too. What’s my worth isn’t about how much you have in the bank. It’s not about how many homes you own, whether you have antiques, nothing of that nature. What’s my worth is about how you value you and value you from a personal perspective, not a financial perspective. 

 What’s my worth asks you to look at – are you valuable enough to you to take care of yourself? To take time out, just to relax and to recharge? 

 Do you begin the year looking at what the cost of everything is going to be? And whether you can afford A, B or C? Or do you look at the year and see that until you take care of your own energy that cost may be more than you want to pay?  

 Where do you sit on the scale of priorities for your journey? Do you allow yourself time each day just for you? Or do you only allow that at the weekend or when you go on holiday? This month, stop and ask yourself what is your worth to you? And look at what your plans are and where taking care of you does or doesn’t fit fully into that equation