Last week I talked about taking action if we are to change habits. Identifying them is not enough. If we looked at our habits this month and did nothing more then all we have achieved is to bring them from our unconscious mind into our conscious mind and given them permission to remain. That doesn’t help at all. Instead, we are allowing these habits to be our excuse and not our purpose.

Action means that we have recognized that they are not working for us and wish to create something that does, For example, if you are feeling sluggish in body and mind and think taking a daily walk will help then thinking without doing achieves nothing. How to change a habit and therefore change your life?

There are 4 things to address:

Firstly, select the easiest habit to change. Once you have done so you will feel you have developed a little more muscle to tackle the harder ones. Which is the easiest for you?

Secondly, is this is something you want to do, not just a good idea. If it’s a good idea it won’t happen. What benefit will it bring that you do want? After all, habits develop from emotion leading to mindsets that protect and take care of us. Change the emotion, create another emotion and the habit changes too.

Thirdly, how do you want to develop your new habit? If you’re going to start walking, then will it be at the same time each day? If not then you are not developing a habit. You are setting an intention. Habits are recurring events from repeating exactly the same action. Choose the time of day and walk then.

Finally, are you committed to this new habit? If this is only a good idea, then when something more interesting comes along, you’ll stop this habit before it becomes a reality for you and nothing will change in your life.

Do you direct your life or do your habits?