The challenge this week is to see how many opportunities occur each day to help you live your purpose. When someone approaches us that is the easy way to see an opportunity. The trick is to be awake to all that is happening around and step forward as things appear.

Many years ago I was advised to say yes to everything no matter what it was. My objection was that I would then be overwhelmed by all I had agreed to. The truth was that those things not for me slipped away without my taking any action. Those things that were for me gradually became a reality and all in divine right timing so I was not overwhelmed at all. Try it.

I do this as a matter of course now and am still awed by how well I am guided to achieve what is my purpose without burning out in the process. Of course there are times when deadlines make things rather challenging. Nevertheless the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have been where you needed to be or shared what you needed to share, eases any temporary pressure.