Do you set an intent and then allow Spirit to guide you in achieving it?
Is your inner child at peace and allowing the flow?
When is going with the flow no longer an option?

This month is about water and the inner harmony necessary to allow us to go with the flow.
It all begins with the intent we set at the time and how much we hand over to Spirit and how much is our own responsibility. Once our intent is clear it is essential that we look at what we are responsible for and what Spirit will flow to us and through us. Having set a clear intent, taking the steps we need to take, then we step back, leave it alone and wait to receive.

However, if we are not at peace within on the intent we have set then our emotional body will create all kinds of dramas leading us to worry and fret. At that point there is no action flowing as we are not aligned to Spirit. If we are aligned then the energy flows and all is well. We then move to the next stage of the flow and prepare to receive.

What happens however if the flow stops and you know you are still aligned? Supposing your intent is clear and requires someone else to collaborate? If they are not doing so, is this your responsibility? If you have done all that you can and still the flow is blocked then Spirit is using this for you both to learn. Whether you respond or react will determine if you learn the lesson.

If you find the flow taking you where you don’t want to go then either you stepped out of the flow to follow your fear or you need to go this way in order to grow.

Where is your flow taking you?