Working with Inspiration

This month we’re continuing with the theme of Inspiration which may not necessarily be inspiring people! However, it’s important for us at this time to be positive and proactive when there are so many things to be concerned about in the world. That’s not escapism. It’s looking at our circumstances and choosing how we want our energy to be.  And when we inspire ourselves, we’re not just proactive, we’re productive, and we may even be the means by which somebody else does the same.

Inspiration’s a wonderful thing but it’s quite nebulous. I talk about it quite a bit and will do next month also.  However, when we feel inspired, unless we have an intent as a consequence of that inspiration, it’s like steam escaping out of a pot on the boil.

Intent is what takes that inspiration and gives it form.  It helps us to see what and how we could use what we’re inspired to be or do. And as a consequence, it leads us to the outcome that is for the highest good of other people.

I talk a lot this month and last month and next month about Spirit because everything I do is based around Spirit.  That doesn’t apply to everybody.  You may use intuition; you may use gut instinct.  We all have our own way of describing things that happen to us that prompt us that we don’t think come from our conscious mind or even from our emotional body. For me, that’s Spirit, it’s as simple as that. 

So, for me when I’m inspired to something, the first thing that I look at is what is the intent that that inspiration is leading me to create.

The second thing I look at is what action is needed, because if action is needed, I need to make a commitment to act.  And if I don’t make a commitment based on the intent, the action isn’t going to occur.

We’re living in times of uncertainty; it doesn’t mean we have to live uncertainly.  We can’t control the bigger picture, or most of us can’t. However, we can control how we choose to live our lives.  And when we’re inspired to follow a particular course of action, when that leads us to create an intent, to make a commitment that leads to an action, we’re putting constructive energy out into the world that may allay the fears of other people who aren’t being inspired, who are fearful, who are uncertain. 

Because inspiration that is inspired by our Soul as part of our purpose is never just about us, it’s always about how we are the means to be of Service to other people. 

Something to ponder.

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