What if you don’t resonate to Fire and Air? After all, these are often considered masculine energies. In truth, they are simply more active.

However, Water and Earth, which are considered feminine energies are really not more passive. It’s more about the in breath and the out breath. Water and Earth are the in breath. Here we intuit and then absorb the guidance we are being given.

With Water we have the sensitivity to be open to the signals around us and if we are wise we flow with the direction being shown. We are supportive and nurturing of others.
Earth offers us the grounding we need to operate in a physical and spiritual manner. We need its solidity to stand tall. Its no nonsense approach to life enables it to support us and the world in which we live through the nourishment it offers. Without the grounding of earth we cannot sustain ourselves.
If we have these aspects then we are being given the guidance to share with others.
If we have the fire and Air then we are given the tools to take the guidance into the world and empower it.

What elements are you working with? Next week I’ll talk about Aether – or Spirit.