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What’s Your Takeaway for September?

This month we’ve been sharing on the topic of When Bad Things Happen. What’s your Takeaway? You can review all we have offered on our website

When Bad Things Happen Carousel

This week we’re sharing some inspirational quotes to assist with this month’s topic of When Bad Things Happen. Enjoy!

The Significance of a Bad Event

The next time you have something bad happen to you, look at the energy. Ask yourself what it’s trying to show you. What’s its significance?

Opportunity Shocks

The opportunity of an unexpected shock to the system and how we moved through it.

How to Inspire Self & Others

How do we go about inspiring self and others? There are 3 important ways that I tlak about in this month’s audio teaching …

Why Bad Things Happen

My challenge to you this month is to look back at events that you have experienced that felt unfair and look at its significance …

Bad Things Are An Opportunity

When bad things happen, it’s not because we are terrible people and we need to be punished. It’s an opportunity for us to move forward …

Your Takeaway for August

This month we’ve been sharing about Shining Our Light. You can review all we’ve offered on our website. What’s your takeaway?

Shining Our Light Carousel

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucious. This and more inspiration to help with Shining our Light on the website this week!

Defining Your Light

If you were to look at how your Light shines, how would you define it? Would you acknowledge it or judge it?