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Aether and Astrology

Where can we find the Element of Aether in our Astrology Chart? Is it as easy to find as the other 4 Elements?

The Natural Order of Things

The Elements are really powerful aspects of what’s occuring in our lives and the more we try to anchor them in place, the more we fight the natural order of things.

Finding Elemental Balance

How do we find elemental balance? Is it in using more of one than another or do all the elements play a part?

Meditation to Connect To Air

Air is where we reconnect to our ability to create and manifest all that we seek. Air offers us lightness and a space to breathe. It is also where we judge ourselves and others.

Elements, Archetypes and Astrology

If you don’t feel you connect to any of the Elements, then it’s important to look at your Archetypes and your Astrology Chart to find out more.