Here we share our thoughts and ideas, which we hope you enjoy. 

Inspiration and Prompting

This month we are concluding our Inspiration Exploration and our Vlog is talking about Inspiration and Prompting. Press Play to watch!

Inspiration & Relationship

Are you open to the relationship that Spirit has in mind for you or to the one you think you should have?

Exercise in Crafting a Dream

How do we turn a dream into a reality? This month’s FREE exercise is all about crafting a dream. Press Play to Listen!

February’s Intent

In understanding the tools you determined will assist your January intent, what intent can you now set for February?

How Our Soul Inspires Us

Our Soul is inspiring us all the time but how? This week’s Reel talks about how often we are inspired daily. It may be more than you think!

Inspiration and Frequency

How do Inspiration and Frequency affect each other? And where does Inspiration come from – the Soul or the Emotional Body? Find out in February’s Teaching.

Working with Inspiration

How can we make our inspiration real? What are the steps and how can we work with them? We’re sharing on this topic in Feb’s Vlog. Enjoy!

Inspiration and Action

How do we make our Inspiration real? Through taking action. Watch our Reel for more on Inspiration and Action.

Inspiration and Enthusiasm

How do Inspiration and Enthusiasm work together? Uncomfortably! If you’d like to know more, press Play and be inspired!